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The guild rules are very simple, but easy to follow if you know how to read.
Guild Rules
1) Swearing will be allowed 24/7, if you don't like it, turn on your Mature Language Filter, if it isnt already on.
2) Keep out stuff like Racism, being a Sexist, being an Elitist, religious discrimination, and that stuff, just so everyone wont go into arguments about things that don't matter at all.
3) Please turn off all Add-ons that say Welcome and Grats for you, take your time to just type it in, Add-on automated Welcomes and Grats tend to annoy many players, including me.
4) We monitor the guild bank at all times. If you withdraw something that you're only just gonna vendor without even using, you will be warned not to do it again, you will get two warnings in all, third time, and you will either be placed in a rank that doesnt allow any use of the bank, or you will be kicked. (Most Likely Kicked)

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Website being started up again!

Iceepowa, Jan 23, 13 9:50 PM.
Well, after all this time, I've decided its finally time to just start everything here back up again.
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